Our Story

Escaper is an iconic Indian Brand with a global presence. Escaper was founded by Vivek Sharma (Director) in 2020 with both online & offline platforms. With all things celebration at our core, we are the face of positive & happy moments in life for customers all around the world. 

Escaper notebooks, diaries, stationery and papers are produced with the kind of quality that only a love for traditional skills and craftsmanship can bring. Each item is a quiet celebration of pattern and simplicity, abstract art, doodle, unicorns, thoughts, feelings, expressions and midcentury designs.

For more than 65 years of experience with Vishesh Media to Escaper we have bringing joy to everyday though our innovative, Designer Diaries, Notepads, Planners, Journals, Notebooks, Scrapbooks, Stationery, Gifts & many more. Our seasonal collections are bought to life using highest quality materials from around the world & talents our in-house team in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

There’s something special about notepads & stationery, often something very personal. We use them to record our deepest thoughts, our silliest fancies and just to doodle in to pass the time. Some of us carry them with us everywhere we go, lost without one. Escaper is looking to elevate the humble notepad to something of real beauty …


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Doodle Diaries